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It’s a GTA San Andreas Ant-Man Mod. You can download it from our website, and even you can read all its information. This site is the the best for modding and it will not disappointed you. Because all the mods on this site are virus-free and completely safe, and also workable. that means you’ll get a lot of benefit from our site, You can also enjoy this GTA San Andreas Ant-Man Mod. Also, if you’re looking more exciting mods. Visit our Home Page of this website and select the game what you would like to mod it. Then, find your favorite mod and do fun in your game. If you like our website very much, then you have ability to bookmark it. So that the new mod will come to you.

How to Use GTA San Andreas Ant-Man Mod

  • Type ANTMAN to activate the mod
  • For more info about using Ant-Man power, look at Power/Disadvantage
  • Press to call Wasp into the normal size or to make her smaller again
  • While the Wasp in normal size, Press to scroll previous weapon or Press to scroll next weapon (See Wasp Weapons)
  • Aim at ped and press to command Wasp to attack targeted ped, this works with the Wasp normal and small sizes
  • Press to make her follow the player
  • Type ANTMAN again to deactivate the mod

If your player dies or busted, the mod will be deactivated automatically

Normal Size

  • Power: Summoning Anthony to fly (Press X)
  • Disadvantage: Vulnerable to all attacks (bullet, explosion, fall, etc)
  • Small Size



  • Stealth (Press and hold it)
  • Immunities (except explosion)
  • Fast attack movements


Disadvantage :

  • Too small to get into a vehicle and holding any weapons
  • Dying quickly in the water


Giant Size

Power :

  • Strong enough to carry a vehicle (Press X) and throw it away (Right-click + X)
  • The basic attack can cause an explosion (Left-click)
  • Able to kick a vehicle (Right-click and press left-click)
  • Easier to push a vehicle while moving the player
  • Jumping getting higher
  • Fast movement speed
  • Immunities
  • Disadvantage: Too big to get into a vehicle and holding any weapons


Mission Script

  • Go to ‘OG’ icon on the map (San Fierro area)
  • Fight Ghost and watch out for her quantum explosion
  • If you win, the player will be granted $50000
  • Known Bugs
  • When your player dies while the mod still activated, sometimes your player will still be alive with zero health bar
  • Wasp will point guns at the player after killing a ped and pressing G (don’t worry she’s still on your side)
  • While flying with Anthony, sometimes the player will be stuck under the bridge because the ground calculation is being overlapped
  • Also vehicle nearby Anthony will sometimes disappear because his position overlapped with that vehicle
  • While carrying a vehicle in Giant-Man mode, sometimes it can disappear, to fix it just change the settings inside the INI file
  • Sometimes the camera movements while being in Giant-Man mode will get glitched if it’s moving too fast
  • Also, camera position while being Giant-Man can “see through” walls because its positioning can’t detect a solid object


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