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It’s a Wia tower luxury showroom For GTA SA. You can download it from our website, and even you can read all its information. This site is the the best for modding and it will not disappointed you. Because all the mods on this site are virus-free and completely safe, and also workable. that means you’ll get a lot of benefit from our site, You can also enjoy this Wia tower luxury showroom In GTA SA. Also, if you’re looking more exciting mods. Visit our Home Page of this website and select the game what you would like to mod it. Then, find your favorite mod and do fun in your game. If you like our website very much, then you have ability to bookmark it. So that the new mod will come to you.

this is a nice map mod this building comes with option of selling cars bikes and buying cars and you can also customize cars if you by the building the building will give you money every day enjoy the mod

  • This tower contains : *Penthouse [SaveDisk + Huntley +Marverick on the top ]
  • This property can be brought and it will generate money later .
  • Showroom which gives the ability to buy the current cars exposed in the showroom [7th Picture shows the markers]
  • Selling vehicle ability [you need to be inside the car on the yellow spot shown in the 6th Picture]
  • this is my biggest Mod so far, hopefully you will like it 😀 . Anything else ? discover it yourself 😀


Don’t forget to follow our Website & subscription of our Hindi Urdu Gaming YouTube Channel for upcoming new mods of GTA San Andreas, GTA VC, GTA IV, GTA V. You can ask any question in comments portion. I will answer your response as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting my hindiurdugaming.com website.

Installation : I.ManuelInstallation

  • ADD the ddf ,txd and cols files in gta3.img
  • Copy wt.IDE and wt.IPL to data/maps
  • Replace the gta.dat files OR Add ( IDE DATA\MAPS\wt.IDE Under IDE Lines And IPL DATA\MAPS\wt.IPL Under IPL Lines ) In gta.dat file Copy the Cleo files to your cleo folder.

or Installation of Modloader

  • extract the Folder”WieTower” inside the modloader folder to your GTA SA’s modloader folder .
  • If using this causes crash at 50% make sure to have OpenLimitAdjuster installed .
  • There you go enjoy 😀


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