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The White LED City & Street Lights mod is a must-have for GTA V a fantastic mod that elevates the nighttime ambiance in Grand Theft Auto V. With extensive highway lighting improvements and carefully placed detail lights throughout the game world, this mod aims to make your nighttime adventures more immersive and exciting.

The mod allows you to choose between two different lighting styles: warm orange HPS lights or natural-looking LED lights. No matter which one you prefer, both versions of the mod offer the same coverage, so you can customize the game’s nighttime atmosphere to your liking.

The White LED City & Street Lights mod brings a new level of realism to the game’s nighttime scenes. Whether you choose the HPS or LED version, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the lighting quality throughout the game. The modder has paid attention to detail, ensuring that the city and streets are beautifully illuminated, creating a more immersive gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Better Lighting Everywhere: The mod enhances lighting in various places, including streets, rural roads, highways, buildings, parking lots, skate parks, paths, alleys, houses, gas stations, and more.
  • Realistic Lighting: Iconic locations like LS Airport, the Richman golf course, the Marina, and the homes of Michael and Franklin get upgraded lighting to make them feel more authentic.
  • Enhanced Entertainment: Popular venues like the Maze Bank Arena, Sisyphus Theater, Vinewood Bowl, and Mission Row police station receive extra lighting for better in-game events.
  • Map Expansion: The mod keeps growing, adding even more areas like rural Grapeseed and the “Island” community off Palomino Ave.


Don’t worry about the installation; the mod includes step-by-step instructions within the mod’s file to make the process hassle-free.

Future Updates

The modder has plans to release a ‘lite’ version in the next update. This version will focus strictly on road and highway coverage, making it suitable for players using other map mods. Keep an eye out for this exciting addition.


If you’re looking to enhance your GTA V experience and make the nighttime scenes in Los Santos and Blaine County more visually appealing, the GTA 5 White LED City & Street Lights mod is a must-try. With easy installation options and future updates in the pipeline, it’s an excellent addition to any modded GTA V setup.

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