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It’s a GTA San Andreas Iron Man (Avenger Endgame) MK85 Mod With Powers. You can download it from our website, and even you can read all its information. This site is the the best for modding and it will not disappointed you. Because all the mods on this site are virus-free and completely safe, and also workable. that means you’ll get a lot of benefit from our site, You can also enjoy this GTA San Andreas Iron Man (Avenger Endgame) MK85 Mod With Powers. Also, if you’re looking more exciting mods. Visit our Home Page of this website and select the game what you would like to mod it. Then, find your favorite mod and do fun in your game. If you like our website very much, then you have ability to bookmark it. So that the new mod will come to you.

Note: Must Installed Original GTA San Andreas and Please Only Install Ironman Endgame Mod in Clean GTA San Andreas Game.


  • Type IRONMAN To Activate Mod Then Again To Deactivate
  • Press P Button For Shortcut Conrollers And Information
  • Before Select The Power You Can Use it By Pressing Right mouse Button + Lift Mouse Button
  • You Can Get Notification For How To Use The Power When You Selected Any Power
  • Type KEYS To Open Menu All About Cantrolers, Q And E To Move Menu Page Then F Or Enter To Close Menu.


Use Models

  • IronMan EndGame Skin
  • IronMan EndGame Swords And Ultra BackRep Skin
  • The IronMan EndGame Weapons Models
  • IronMan EndGame BackRepulsor Skin
  • HulkBuster Skin


More Controls

ON Foot

  • Black Sheild: Right mouse Button + L-Shift
  • Fly: L-Shift + X
  • Slow Motion: Hold X


On Air

  • Fly idle Moves: W,S,A,D
  • Flying Fast: W + Space
  • Fly Up And Down: L-Shift And Z



  • Jump: L-Shift
  • Lift Car: TAB
  • Deactivate Hulk Buster: Press H


Armout Weapon

  • Weapon Menu: Press 1
  • Choose Weapon: W,S
  • Select Weapon: Space
  • Use Weapon Power: Q
  • Deactivate Weapon Power: Press 1


Powers Menu

  • Powers Menu Open: Press 2
  • Choose Powers: Q And E
  • Use Power By Pressing Right mouse Button + Lift Mouse Button


Calling For Help

  • Calling Hulk Buster By Pressing Ctrl + H if You Go Near HulkBuster Then Press Y Button To Change Into Hulk Buster Or Hulk Buster Located At Avengers Tower
  • Call Jarvis By Pressing Ctrl + J if You Go Near Jarvis Then press T Button To Change Into Jarvis if You and Fly The Jarvis Can Fly with You.


More info

Leave Armour Press M+5 Button To Leave Armor to Currint Position Thin Ahain Get For Go Near To Armout And Get…

Mark Hnds

This Will Not Appeaars While Flying On Hulk Buste You Must Have Mark85 Armour Then You Get Hulk Buster That Located at Avenger Tower Mark3 is Only For Helped in urgent.

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